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tagged by: beastheads

Name: amanda-lea

Nickname: ehm, …manda, …amanda, i got mandy monster from a friend in high school for awhile. not much room for creativity i know

Birthday: somewhere in feb

Gender: f

Sexuality: whaaaaatever

Height: 5’5”

Time zone: EST

Current date and time: oct 19/14 17:33

Average hours of sleep I get: anywhere from 5-7

My current OTPs: me and my fav streamer (uh as a real answer, i read a kakashi/sakura fic recently and felt really bad about it the whole time but whatever lets go with that because it was pretty hot)

The last thing I googled: “tall pines lancia bancroft”

First word that comes to mind: zealous

What I last said to a family member: “the water works way fucking better than that gel shit for the wallpaper, eh”

One place that makes me happy: the industrial factories outside toronto airport

How many blankets I sleep under: 2

Favourite beverage: water

Last movie I watched in cinema: the last one i remember was for bourne ultimatum and when pam was on the phone with bourne and he was like ‘you look tired’ and some hoodlums behind me were like ‘OooOooOOO shiiitTT’ and that’s how i remember that fucking day like 8 years later (i fucking hate the theatre can you tell)

3 things I can’t live without: my blackberry, really cold, crisp air, seaweed

Something I plan on learning: auto mechanics. again. as a kid i was into it and then i stopped talking to the side of the family that taught me SOOOooo

What I want to say to my followers: drink like 2L of water a day or you’ll probably die

You have to listen to this song: tatsuro yamashita - windy lady

My blog: reads like a 47 year old washed out architect who likes ‘youth culture’ 

I tag: renkades coestar trevorphilipsismyspiritanimal and like anyone else because i can’t think of anyone right now lol