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as for why mikey hung with T in the first place, and why T was drawn to mikey (this is where shit gets sad): every lead character in movies needs a wacky sidekick and/or a loose canon pal. but always someone they could control to some degree. that was trev ;_; and i think T stuck to M because even the most manic ppl still want an attachment to reality. and, well, friends. preferably friends who they can avoid for months at a time and then return to without complaints from the other. MAYBE ???

YuUUUuUP, like i mentioned before. set the scene: michael’s straight out of college with a degree in nothing and a mind set on going pro. when that falls through he finds out that the real world isn’t set up for jocks like him, who floated through the system with a low GPA and an equally low IQ. whatever answers he tried to find in the bottom of cheerleader’s uniforms didn’t help him get ready for the pain and suffering of turning to crime because he wasn’t good at anything else. he had an eye for accuracy and a strong aim, but that’s it. aside from using football plays as his basis for planning crimes, michael can’t do anything. 

except control. and i fully agree. trevor is the pawn on the chessboard of michael’s life. he’s unhinged, and if he gains trust he’s got a running buddy with nothing to lose who can absorb whatever consequences come their way while he hides in the shadows and plays it off like he’s just ‘planning’. 

and trevor wanting a grounding force seems equally as fitting. i still think trevor was high enough during those times that mikey just seemed like a solid type of guy with a soft heart and a softer belly who he could bounce ideas off of and clean guns with. over time, yeah, he became a personified ‘sense of reality’ that trevor held onto and turned into adoration. 

UGHHHHHHHHH fuck me right in the EYE i could write a fucking novella on these two

michael is a planner; trevor is an improviser. michael had this whole idea of what his life would be like - football scholarship, wife and 2.5 kids, etc. when that plan fell thru, he met trevor and, when that didn't fit his plan anymore, he fucked his friend over for safety. trevor, ont he other hand, hates plans because plans limit a person. planning is too strict and linear and boring and, if you plan too much, you end up living in a movie script. like mikey wants.

yes yes yes yes. i think one of the major hurdles i have when i talk about michael is that i literally cannot relate to a damn thing this fucker wants or does. there’s too much rigidity, too much deluded fantasy and moral grey area. trevor is the black and white thinker with an itchy trigger finger given the chance you say ‘maybe’. there’s never a ‘kinda’ with him, it’s a yes or no, and if there’s an illogical no then he’ll also shoot you. michael, though, he’s such an enigma of blatant distrust and ambiguousness that he merges into the wallpaper imo, but YES the movie passion, the movie interest that they gave mikey directly reflects the type of fantastical scriptwork he wants his life to be. a thousand times yes.

man we should be the ones writing this damn game I TELL YA